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Career Scope available for the trending B.Com Specialisations in 2021

The B.Com specialisation has attracted a lot of attention in the past 5 to 6 years. B.Com course today is not limited to only core commerce subjects but more. The B.Com courses today are offered with a combination of different specialisations that are according to the industry requirements. The industry is growing into leaps and bounds with more and more specialisations, in the same way the B.Com courses have also  grown accordingly.

The salary packages are also excellent for skilled B.Com students. The B.Com students with specific specialisations have good salary ranges that range from 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum.

There are also a good number of job roles available for the B.Com students with specific specialisations.

The top specialisations of B.Com course that are trending in 2021 are:

  1. B.Com ACCA
  2. B.Com CMA
  3. B.Com Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  4. B.Com (Hons)

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Top job roles available for B.Com Specialisations

Let’s discuss some of the important job roles available according to the different specializations of the B.Com course.

  1. B.Com ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

Chartered Accountant

  • The Chartered accountants are responsible to give advice, audit accounts and provide trustworthy information about the financial records of an organisation or individuals
  • The chartered accountants are also involved in different areas like financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance management, business recovery and insolvency, accounting systems and processes
  • The Chartered Accountants work in range of organisations that includes public firms, private organisations, non-profit organisations, NGOs, schools, colleges and universities etc
  • The main aim of the Chartered Accountant is to work strategically and maximise the earnings and profits on behalf of the clients or employers
  • They are responsible to manage financial systems in an organisation
  • They also undertake financial audits of the clients or the organisations
  • They provide proper financial information and advice for the clients or the employers
  • They are also required to maintain accounting records and prepare accounts and management
  • They advise the organisations on major business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions

Actuarial Analyst

  • The actuarial analysts mainly use statistical formulas to assess the risk especially in life insurance companies
  • They are responsible to make computational analysis of the clients based on their age and health condition to determine the premiums for various policies offered by the organisation
  • The actuarial analysts basically work in banks and insurance companies. 
  • They use specialised computer softwares and their expertise to finalise the premium amounts for the clients
  • They also understand and use complex mathematical formulas especially in the areas of advanced statistics and modelling
  • They use the excel or spreadsheet or sophisticated computer softwares to complete data analysis and generate readable reports
  • They also provide technical support to the team of fellow actuaries for producing statistical reports and analysis

  1. B.Com CIMA (Chartered Institute of management Accountants)

External Auditor

  • The External Auditors are the professionals with a high level of attention to detail to help business of all types and sized achieve their performance potential
  • The external auditors are required to examine financial records and other data to provide businesses, their investors and market regulators with a clear picture of how they are performing
  • They are also responsible to make recommendations for improvements for the organisations they represent
  • They visit client locations and interact with different levels of management to understand the business and their needs
  • They are responsible to plan, carry out and in some cases design the audit procedures and tests depending upon the organisation
  • They are required to use analytics to assess financial reporting fraud or operational business risks
  • They are responsible to prepare and contribute to a final audit report, including making recommendations for improvements to systems or processes

Business Advisor

  • The business advisors are responsible to support businesses and the ability to use their own experiences across specialisms than a specific degree subject
  • The business advisers are responsible to provide information support, coaching, advice and guidance to the organisations
  • They are responsible to provide specialist services depending on their expertise
  • They should possess an in-depth knowledge of the business support landscape and they should have the ability to advise businesses on the range of options
  • They also undertake diagnostic needs assessments with businesses, including analysing the needs of the business and working with the client to put a business action plan
  • They are responsible to develop a professional network of associates who can provide a broad range of business and enterprise support services to the clients
  • They are required to attend meetings with networks and associates and should keep the latest information with global, national, regional and local business support initiative to ensure the clients benefit
  • They are responsible to provide start-up businesses with advice and guidance to assist them successfully set up and commence trading
  • They also responsible to organise and deliver business networking events and business education, seminars and workshops
  1. B.Com Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Retail Banker

  • The retail bankers are responsible to help individuals to manage their money and provide advice and financial services and products of the banks
  • The retail banker will be involved in various areas such as assisting in the movement of money via payment mechanisms, authorising loans and overdraft facilities, setting up saving accounts and bonds
  • They are responsible to manage, recruit, and coach teams of skilled people who have sound knowledge about retail banking sector
  • They are responsible to deal with customer complaints that can't be solved by front-line staff
  • They are required to Implement new products, services and processes devised by head office

Company Secretary

  • The company secretary work in a strategic and influential way to ensure that a company operates within the law and comply with the government regulations
  • The company secretary must need to ensure that company complies with financial and legal requirements as well as maintaining its high standards of corporate governance
  • They are also required to provide legal advice to the company management
  • They always report the chairman and often coordinate with board members
  • They prepare agendas and papers for board meetings, committee and annual general meetings and follow up action on points
  • They ensure that the policies are kept up to date and approved by the committee
  • They are responsible to maintain statutory books including registers of members, directors and secretaries
  • They are required to deal with correspondence, collate information and write reports, communicate decisions for relevant company stakeholders
  • They monitor changes in relevant legislation and regulatory environment and take appropriate actions
  • They take responsibility for health and safety of employees and manage matters related to insurance and property
  • They develop and oversee systems that ensures the company complies with all applicable codes in addition to its legal and statutory requirements
  1. B.Com (Hons)


  • The stockbrokers are responsible to handle a fast-paced and challenging financial environment, using the excellent communication, negotiation and analytical skills working as a stockbroker
  • The stockbrokers are responsible to buy and sell stocks and other securities for retail and institutional clients, through a stock exchange or over the counter in return for a fee or a commission
  • They keep up to date with the latest financial and tax legislation and they should be aware of the latest financial news to understand the movements in the market and the drivers of change
  • They are required to carry out specific market research and analysis that is profitable for the organisations they represent
  • They are required to ensure and understand the client’s needs, enabling them to make appropriate suggestions for their investments

Mortgage Advisor

  • The mortgage advisor is required to use in-depth knowledge of the market to find clients mortgage products suitable for their needs
  • The mortgage advisors are responsible to advise them on the different pros and cons of each product and also help them determine how much they should borrow
  • The mortgage advisor one is responsible to advise on mortgage prices in the markets for the specific product
  • They are responsible for connecting the best deals for both sellers and buyers.
  • They meet the clients in person either in personal or over phone
  • Find out the client’s financial situation, including what their monthly expenditure is  
  • They assess which type of mortgage is most suitable for each client
  • They help clients complete the mortgage formalities
  • Deal with mortgage lenders, estate agents and valuers
  • They are required to keep up to date with new mortgage products and changes in mortgage regulations

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