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What Career options are available for B.Com students in the Government Sector?

To achieve success in our lives, it is important for us to choose the right path that will guide us in the right direction. The B.Com programme is an excellent option for the students who do not want to enter the inevitable rat race of perfection. 

  • The B.Com is a 3-years undergraduate course that is divided into 6-semesters
  • The B.Com programme gives an opportunity for the students to innovate and broaden their perspectives and enable them to aid the markets in numerous ways in the commerce field. 
  • The B.Com course gives the required ingredients that make the person successful in the field of business. 
  • The B.Com course is subdivided into different specialisations and students can pursue their desired specializations according to their interests
  • The B.Com students can experience a vast knowledge of commerce and economics during the course duration. 
  • The B.Com course delivers knowledge of an array of subjects like Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics, Finance, Corporate Laws, Business Laws, Trade Policies, International Finance and many more.  
  • The recent surveys show that nearly 40% of the students have shown interest to pursue B.Com after the completion of their 12th   
  • The B.Com course ensures that it provides a perfect platform for testing of the proper skills and develops the students into competitive individuals.


The students can get admission to various B.Com courses in top Bcom colleges in Bangalore by two modes one is by merit admission and another under NRI/Management quota.

Scope of Government Jobs after B.Com.

  • It’s everybody’s dream to grab government jobs soon after the completion of their degrees. 
  • Many students aspire to join government jobs for the job security and perks that it provides. 
  • So, many students choose B.Com programmes and start preparing for government entrance exams.
  • The B.Com course or commerce knowledge can act as the perfect breeding ground for enormous opportunities in various fields like teaching, defence, banking, UPSC and many more. 
  • The B.Com students will have an upper hand in certain subjects of commerce when compared to other degrees

Some of the government jobs available for B.Com students are

Accountant: Roles and Responsibilities

  • This is perhaps the most demanded job that is considered by numerous candidates. 
  • The B.Com. graduates can easily grab this job opportunity soon after the completion of their degree
  • They can join as accountants in government departments or allied government agencies easily and can get handsome salaries.
  • The main role of an accountant is that he/she is required to analyze and prepare entries of assets, liabilities and documentation of the financial records. 

Account Assistant: Roles and Responsibilities

  • The account assistants assist the accounts administrators to prepare accounts related information and other associated clerical jobs in government departments
  • The B.Com students who have a basic knowledge of Internet, Tally Software and documentation can easily join as account assistants across different government and non-government organizations for better salaries.
  • The B.Com graduates are hired in large number across different government departments and chances of clearing the competitive exams is more for commerce students

Accounts Officer: Roles and Responsibilities

  • The accounts officer plays a key role in the organization as he/she is responsible for maintaining accounts of government. 
  • The accounts officer is responsible to grant loans and keep a close track of the repayment of the loans. 
  • They are required to take care of the payments and expenditures of the government tenders to the organizations. 
  • Many government organizations across India hire B.Com graduates to the roles of Accounts Officer for better salary packages.

Accounts Cum Data Manager: Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Accounts Cum Data Managers are required in large numbers in recent years especially in government organizations. 
  • The increased expenditure and data in the government has created a huge demand for this role in government
  • The government benefits like DBT (direct benefit transfers) for 
  • The responsibility of the Accounts Cum Data Manager is that he/she has to maintain a digital database of all the documents 
  • They are required to have some software knowledge so that he/she can use the software skills to digitize the data and keep it in a protected environment.

Panchayat Accounts Facilitator: Roles and Responsibilities

  • The B.Com graduates are hired in large numbers by both central and state governments for the role of Panchayat Accounts Facilitator. 
  • The main role of this job is that the officers should maintain proper information about the funds granted to panchayats by both the governments. 
  • They should be very good in numbers, as a detailed record of every penny that comes and goes out of the panchayats has to be provided to the government regularly. 
  • The B.Com professionals are largely preferred for this role by many government organisations

Project Manager: Roles and Responsibilities

  • The project managers are responsible to suggest new projects that are related to their concerned government departments and ensure that the project is implemented effectively. 
  • The project managers are also required to supervise the projects undertaken by the government and ensure that the projects are completed within the specified timelines. 
  • The B.Com students are largely hired as project managers at various departments of the government.

Assistant Professor: Roles and Responsibilities

  • There is a huge demand for teaching professions in recent years. The teaching vacancies in both colleges and universities are increasing year by year. 
  • The B.Com students can find ample job opportunities in the teaching field. 
  • They are hired in many colleges and universities to take classes for 11th and 12th commerce students. The teaching job is the most comfortable job that pays a handsome salary for the B.Com graduates


The demand for B.Com graduates is good in the government sector also, there are well paying jobs for skilled B.Com graduates. The commerce field is evergreen and has the dominance in both government and private sectors.


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