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B.Com Travel and Tourism

B.Com Travel and Tourism

The B.Com Travel & Tourism Management is a 3-years undergraduate course that is divided into 6-semesters. The course gives a strong foundation of the commerce along with the core travel and tourism management industry to the students. Travel Management is basically related to services and planning by means of spending time negotiating rates or contracts with airlines, hotel chains and car rental companies. It includes, the process of reviewing employee receipts and claims for travel reimbursement, as well as the distribution of vouchers maintenance of a travel management website and liking for ways to reduce corporate travel expenses.  The course is ideally designed to offer the basics in navigating the travel and tourism industry to the students. The course also gives advanced understanding of issues related to business and resource management. The course trains the students on advanced lessons in tourism’s effect on the world economy. The course also aims to impart knowledge of leadership in the workplace, strategic decision in business operations to the students.

Career scope for B.Com Travel and tourism management

The field of travel and tourism primarily deals with tourists, travel management, hospitality management, tour management, etc. The course offers diverse job opportunities for example, in India, heritage, cultural and medical tourists’ throng Indian tourist destinations each year. They can join various tour agencies, airlines, cruise liners, resorts, hotels, etc. The B.Com Travel & Tourism Management students basically deal with the accounts and finance areas in the travel and hospitality industry. The students can even join to higher studies like M.Com or MBA in the relevant field for better industry exposure and better career opportunities

Some of the potential roles available for the B.Com Travel and Tourism Management students:

  • Tourism Manager
  • Transport Administrator
  • Travel Consultant
  • Events Manager
  • Recreation Manager
  • Ticketing Agent

Some of the potential areas where the B.Com Travel and Tourism management students can find ample job opportunities are:

  • Travel Agencies
  • Airline Companies
  • Hotels
  • Cruise Liners
  • Transport Companies
  • Bus Companies


List of the Colleges in Bangalore that offer B.Com Travel and Tourism Management course


  • St Joseph’s College of Commerce
  • Mount Carmel College
  • Kristu Jayanti College
  • Sambhram Academy of Management Studies